Gluten Free Polenta Lasagna

Gluten Free Polenta Lasagna


Polenta is a saving grace for the gluten intolerant.  I enjoy using it for a myriad of different recipes, including substitution as flat noodles for lasagna. It is fat free, and easy to digest. My recipe is a vegetarian one, though you could easily add ground turkey for a healthy meaty version.


1 package of Polenta

1 tbs coconut oil

1 cup chopped Mushrooms

1 Red bell pepper (chopped)

2 cloves Garlic (minced)

1 tsp. Oregano

2 14 oz Cans stewed tomatoes (or premade marinara sauce)

1 Cup feta cheese (optional)

1 block firm tofu cubed OR 8 oz ground turkey (optional)

Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.  Place coconut oil in a sauce pan on medium heat, add cubed tofu, chopped mushrooms, chopped bell peppers, garlic, and oregano. Sautee for approximately 8 min. until vegetables are soft.

Cut polenta into thin discs ( 1/8th inch) and place into an 8”x12” baking dish forming a base layer.  Pour mixture of vegetables from saucepan over base layer of polenta, and add 1 can of tomatoes. If you are adding feta cheese, sprinkle ½ cup over this layer.

photo (1) photo (2)

Add another layer of thinly sliced polenta over the top of the veggie/cheese mixture. Pour the second can of tomatoes over the top of this, and finish by sprinkling over remaining feta (optional).

photo (3)

Bake for 30 minutes, remove, and cut into cubes to serve. Note: this tends to be a bit more liquid than typical lasagna, so a bowl may be best for keeping contents contained.

Enjoy, and make your day great!



About runningyourbody

I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT), Certified Pilates instructor, and runner with celiac disease. I am passionate about educating people on running, pilates, and women’s health topics. I am trained in the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction, as well as pre and post partum impairments. In my free time I can be found anywhere outside. I enjoy training for races with friends, cooking gluten free meals, and traveling with my husband. My goal is to share information with you in a lighthearted and enjoyable forum. I am always contributing fun and interesting posts on my blog. Feel free to check it out @
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2 Responses to Gluten Free Polenta Lasagna

  1. Using polenta in place of noodles is a great idea!

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