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On: A vitamin packed Strawberry-Pear-Spinach Smoothie

Sometimes you need a method of including extra energy supplying veggies to a mid-afternoon snack, or a variation on your breakfast smoothie. This little blend is delicious, and a lifesaver for me this weekend, after not feeling too well I … Continue reading

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How to Run with your (Four-legged) Best Friend

Running can be as wonderful for us humans as it is for our four-legged best friends. Maintaining moderate amounts of physical activity encourages strong musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems for dogs just as it does for humans when done within reason … Continue reading

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The effects of yoga on chronic neck pain

A recent study in the Journal of Pain (1) has found that yoga may be an effective treatment method for chronic neck pain. Additionally, results demonstrate that yoga has additional beneficial effects on pschological well being, and quality of lift. The study … Continue reading

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5 Planks to strengthen your Core

As promised, here is the second round of plank exercises, a bit more challenging the first. I don’t need to expound on the benefits of planks again, but they are a wonderful way to strengthen the entirety of the core, … Continue reading

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On: How to help victims of the Boston Marathon attacks

The unspeakable events during the 2013 Boston Marathon has sent shockwaves through our strong running community. While there are fewer moments in life more vulnerable than the moment before crossing the finish line of a marathon, the prestigious Boston Marathon … Continue reading

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Running and Knee Osteoarthritis

Originally posted on runnershealth:
English: running (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Most people think that osteoarthritis is simply due to “wear and tear” of the joints, and therefore that running would put you at a higher risk, but this is (fortunately) not…

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The Pilates Barre Workout

Standing Pilates exercise has long been a method to improve balance, posture, and strengthen muscles while weightbearing. In the past few years the Barre method has developed and popularized to include more ballet movements and add a little variety and … Continue reading

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