Running and Knee Osteoarthritis

I get questions about this frequently in the clinic. This is excellent insight from a physician.


Most people think that osteoarthritis is simply due to “wear and tear” of the joints, and therefore that running would put you at a higher risk, but this is (fortunately) not correct. Runners develop less knee osteoarthritis than the general population and if they do, they usually suffer less from it.

What is it?
Osteoarthritis occurs when the normal breakdown and repair of joint tissues becomes unbalanced. It affects the whole joint, even though osteophytes (bone overgrowth) and thinning of the cartilage are the best known signs. It can cause severe pains, but many persons with clear signs of osteoarthritis on radiographs are just fine.
Osteoarthritis can be caused or aggravated by a long list of problems, such as joint infections and genes, and it is still a badly understood disease. In this post we will concentrate on the relationship between running and knee osteoarthritis in people with no underlying…

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