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On: Tru Roots Gluten Free Penne Pasta and Ground Turkey Sauce

I have trialed many gluten free pastas, and Tru Roots is one of my favorites. This penne pasta does not fall apart after cooking and stays in one piece as a left over. Some brown rice pastas disintegrate and can … Continue reading

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5 Exercises for better posture

It is often said that how we carry ourselves is our business card to the world. I could not agree more. Standing up straight conveys confidence and invites respect. Beyond that, proper posture ensures less wear and tear on our … Continue reading

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On: Traveling and teaching Pilates

If you are a certified pilates, yoga, zumba, tennis, golf, aquatics, or group fitness instructor, you simply must become a member of the Fitness Travel Pro Community. This organization, run by the amazing Suzelle Snowden is a fitness instructor’s dream. … Continue reading

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On: Grilled Shrimp and Pesto Succotash

This is a modified succotash, making it intrinsically gluten free and lean. I added a handful of Collard Greens because they were ready to go in our garden, which added to the nutritional value of the meal. The best part … Continue reading

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Running while Pregnant

This is a fun topic for me because pre and post natal care is an area of specialty in my physical therapy practice, and as I write this I am 11 weeks pregnant. I promise that all of my posts … Continue reading

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Avenue of the Giants Race Review

This past weekend marked the running of the Avenue of the Giants, near Weott, California. Avenue of the Giants is one of my favorite races yet. I cannot say enough about how beautiful this course was. The Marathon is a … Continue reading

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5 Exercises to Challenge your Core

Its time for more Ab work! A strong core keeps your back and hips happy throughout your day, and helps prevent injury. Remember to keep your abdominals engaged by imagining pulling your belly button under your rib cage during every … Continue reading

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