Lost Creek Lake Trail Run 30k: Race Review

Last weekend I chased my sweet friend Rosy around Lost Creek Lake for the beautiful annual 30k trail race. Lost Creek Lake is a beautiful gem in southern Oregon with a highly variable trail system outlining it’s circumference. The 30k gains 1900 ft net elevation, with relatively short rising and falling hills consistently throughout the course. There are waterfalls, wooden bridges, open fields, and beautiful lake views throughout.

This trail race is hosted by Southern Oregon Runners, Oregon’s oldest running club. The course runs counterclockwise around the lake with 3 aid stations positioned at miles 5, 10, and 15. The volunteers are excellent and the staff of the race were pleasant and helpful. For folks looking for a shorter distance,a 5k race is run along part of the trail 30 minutes after 30k runners depart.

Lost Creek Lake 30k2

Terrain included dirt trail that varied in width. Parts were single track, others quite wide. Gravel and approximately 2 miles of pavement also comprised part of the race route.

Lost Creek Lake 30k

April in Southern Oregon could be 80 degrees, and it could be 50 degrees and rainy.

Lost creek lake 30k 5  Lost creek lake 30k3

The trail runs close to the lake for the majority of the race.

Lost creek lake 30k4 And this little waterfall provided a nice surprise around mile 16. There was one tree compromising the trail around mile 17. At that point I was far too tired to jump over it, but it was easy to clear at the side of the trail.

The weather on race day was a bit temperamental. The 30k race began at 9 am, and the temperature was around 50 degrees. There were light showers throughout, and for those of us finishing after the 3 hour mark, a pretty steady rain at the end of the race. Awaiting the runner at the finish line is a bowl of hot chili, beer if your are up for it, and plenty of fruit and Gatorade. There was no finisher medal this year, but all participants received a T-shirt- a much more usable reminder of a beautiful trail run.

Lost Creek Lake Finish Line

If you are looking for a relaxed mid-spring trail race, this is a beautiful one. This one certainly made me realize that I need more trail running in my life!

Take care, and make your day great!


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