Pacific Crest Weekend Sports Festival 2015: Half Marathon Review

For the second year consecutively my family and I thoroughly enjoyed all that the Pacific Crest Sports Festival has to offer. Last year I reviewed the half marathon here: Pacific Crest Half Marathon. I will re-iterate that this sports festival has everything that an active individual/family could ever ask for. Throughout the 3 day run there is 3 lengths of triathlon available to race, duathlon, scenic bike ride, marathon, half-marathon, 10k, kids fun run… and for those adventurous souls that wish to compete in multiple events there is a very special beast medal to be earned. The half marathon is my speed at this stage in life, and this is a beautiful race. Entrants should be aware that this competition takes place at around 4000 ft. altitude near the base of beautiful Mt. Bachelor, so if you a sea level resident, prepare for lung challenge.

photo1 (7)Mt. Bachelor: Cyclists have a serious climb. Runners enjoyed a semi-flat paved trail.

Pacific Crest Half Marathon1

I don’t usually repeat races. I cherish each one as a unique experience and look forward to creating new memories and concurring new challenges and PR’s through my racing. But this race really offers so much for folks via its location in Sunriver, proximity to Bend, and all around amazing atmosphere. My family loves the area so much that we figured I may as well book the race even though it’s a repeat, and go enjoy our favorite Bend activities.


The course was the same this year, however conditions were entirely different. Last year it snowed the night before the race and race day offered a perfect 55 degree race temperature. This year it was about 73 degrees when the gun went off at 8 am, and 86 degrees by the time I finished. It was near 100 degrees that afternoon. It was hot. Hot racing temperatures lent to more frequent water stops for me. Though stopping at the aid stations frustrates me sometimes I have to remind myself how ugly dehydration can be.

Pacific Crest half marathon2

This race was a bit slower for me than I’m capable of throughout with stomach cramping around mile 7, though I am proud to say that heat and fatigue considered, my last mile was a 6:30 mm, and I finished in the top 20% overall. Sometimes when we don’t get the time we want it helps to look at the positive achievements embedded in the experience.

Pacific Crest half-marathon3

Pacfic Crest Medal 2015

Once again, an artistic medal that is so big that it could double as a coffee cup coaster-love it.

Deer in Bend, OR I took this picture in a semi-residential area in Bend. This gorgeous 6-point per side deer was having lunch 6 feet away from me. This is truly a special place.

Atlas Cider Bend, OR Atlas Cider Brewing in Bend, OR. The microbrew scene is huge in Bend, and they are considerate of the celiacs in the world by sprinkling in a few Cider breweries too. Atlas has pints, growlers, and growlettes on tap.


I truly cannot say enough about how fabulous this race is. It is the perfect destination race if you are looking to unwind with some beautiful rustic scenery and a microbrew beer or apple cider after a hard workout. Add this to your bucket list, stat! And then write back and tell me what your favorite part is, please.

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