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Are Maximalist Running Shoes A Good Choice?

Just as soon as running popular culture swung itself into the minimalist running movement, it has redirected itself back towards the large, cushioned, supportive soles of the newest running shoe craze: the maximalist running shoe. The HokaOne is the most … Continue reading

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On: Gluten Free Green Veggie Stir fry

Stir fry dishes are popular in my home and oh so easy to make quickly. The sauce for this particular dish is a spicy peanut sauce similar to other recipes I have posted with one little addition: cinnamon. Cinnamon is … Continue reading

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Cairn Boxes: The Subscription Box for the Outdoor Enthusiast

What do runners like second most to running? Gear. The answer is gear.  My husband and I were extremely excited to open our very first Cairn box, the brand new monthly subscription box for outdoor enthusiasts. The beauty of this … Continue reading

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On: Low fat creamy chicken and vegetables

I do not usually cook anything with “creamy” in it’s title. Given my celiac diagnosis I am also weary of dairy, and try to avoid its lustuous temptations. However, I had low fat sour cream in my regridgerator, and was … Continue reading

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