Garden Salad and Grilled Chicken with Gluten Free/Dairy Free Honey Mustard Dressing

One of the many things that I am grateful for is the fact that my husband was raised in a family that ate a lot of vegetables. Even more importantly I am grateful that his love of good and healthy food stuck in adulthood, because it makes his marriage to me, the food allergy queen easier on both of us.

About once per week, we make a giant “all in” salad, wherein we throw all of the veggies from our refrigerator (or garden in the summer) into a salad. This week produced a fairly simple salad made special with organic chicken grilled on the bar-b-que, and a hand made honey mustard dressing.  It is entirely easy to fall into a salad rut and become bored with your basic salad. Shake it up with some honey mustard and a little red onion. Enjoy!

Grilled chicken garden salad 1

Ingredients for salad:

2 cups shredded romaine salad

2 organic boneless skinless chicken breasts

1/4 red onion, chopped

1 cucumber, sliced thinly

1 green bell pepper-diced

Ingredients for Honey Mustard dressing:

1 tbs. olive oil

2 tbs. honey

2 tbs. mustard ( I used a provencial brown mustard, use what you have!)

1 tsp. apple cider vinegar

1 tsp. white balsamic vinegar


Grill chicken on BBQ, then slice in thin strips. Combine salad ingredients into a large bowl. Mix salad dressing ingredients in a jar or bowl, dress salad as desired.

Grilled chicken garden salad Serves 2-4 as a dinner size salad

Enjoy, and make your day great!


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Track Workout Tuesday

Track workouts are more fun than you think. If you have the right frame of mind. For me, track workouts that are under my own control feel much more pleasant that the fear and nausea inducing workouts that I did in high school. There is something wonderful about being an adult and being in control of your own nausea, Yes?

My goal is to post a track workout each week. The importance of track work is to improve speed and work on form. If you have a goal of a PR, and are trying to improve your overall speed, you have to practice running fast.  Today’s track workout was basic and straightforward due to the fact that I had my little guy with me at the track and his desire to sit in his stroller has an expiration.

It is important to do a dynamic warm up prior to any run, but particularly before you open it up and run sprints. Plan on a 10 minute warm-up prior to starting a track workout.

A dynamic warm up can consist of:

-Walking and pulling each knee into your chest for 20 ft. (gluteal stretch)

-Walking while kicking each leg up at waist height 20 ft (hamstring stretch)

-High skipping 20ft. (entire lower leg and abdominal warm up)

-Grapevine 20ft. in each direction (also referred to as carioca drills, for hip stretch and foot work)

-Speed work up: Run 50 meters, and begin your run at 20% of maxim speed and gradually increase finishing the 50 meters at 80%. Do this twice. On the third set, begin at 20% and finish at full sprint. These work ups will help your muscles get ready for exertion. Gradually increasing the intensity improves blood flow to the muscles, and will help decrease the risk for injury.

Track workout:

10 repetitions of 50 m. sprints, jogging back to the starting line after each set.

If your child is in a stroller, the jog back may be interrupted with a high five or a sweaty hug, but that’s all the rest you get.

If I may brag here, following my sprint workout I pulled my 18 month old out of the stroller and he and I cooled down by running a quarter mile together around the track. Mr. Q is a natural, and quite talented if I do say so myself. If he loves running I hope that he and I will run together for a very long time. If he doesn’t love running I won’t hold it against him-after all not everyone is born with the crazy running gene. Track workout with kidsOne proud running mama

Have fun, run fast, and make your day great!


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To run or not to run; When a cold tries to drag you down.

After a few days of fooling myself into thinking that the sore throat, coughing, and nasal drip was “just allergies”, I succumbed to the fact that I had a legitimate cold. When it comes to exercise, sometimes colds and viruses can self limit. You can hardly manage to perform your usual daily tasks, let alone lace up and go for a run.

But sometimes the symptoms are mild, and you are left with a choice. Rest, or exercise. I wrote about this here:

It’s a nice review on the general rule of thumb of exercising when you are ill or injured. There are some clear red lights to exercise, and some grey areas.

In the end, I took my own advice from the above mentioned article and rested. It did a world of good!

Make your day great,


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Lost Creek Lake Trail Run 30k: Race Review

Last weekend I chased my sweet friend Rosy around Lost Creek Lake for the beautiful annual 30k trail race. Lost Creek Lake is a beautiful gem in southern Oregon with a highly variable trail system outlining it’s circumference. The 30k gains 1900 ft net elevation, with relatively short rising and falling hills consistently throughout the course. There are waterfalls, wooden bridges, open fields, and beautiful lake views throughout.

This trail race is hosted by Southern Oregon Runners, Oregon’s oldest running club. The course runs counterclockwise around the lake with 3 aid stations positioned at miles 5, 10, and 15. The volunteers are excellent and the staff of the race were pleasant and helpful. For folks looking for a shorter distance,a 5k race is run along part of the trail 30 minutes after 30k runners depart.

Lost Creek Lake 30k2

Terrain included dirt trail that varied in width. Parts were single track, others quite wide. Gravel and approximately 2 miles of pavement also comprised part of the race route.

Lost Creek Lake 30k

April in Southern Oregon could be 80 degrees, and it could be 50 degrees and rainy.

Lost creek lake 30k 5  Lost creek lake 30k3

The trail runs close to the lake for the majority of the race.

Lost creek lake 30k4 And this little waterfall provided a nice surprise around mile 16. There was one tree compromising the trail around mile 17. At that point I was far too tired to jump over it, but it was easy to clear at the side of the trail.

The weather on race day was a bit temperamental. The 30k race began at 9 am, and the temperature was around 50 degrees. There were light showers throughout, and for those of us finishing after the 3 hour mark, a pretty steady rain at the end of the race. Awaiting the runner at the finish line is a bowl of hot chili, beer if your are up for it, and plenty of fruit and Gatorade. There was no finisher medal this year, but all participants received a T-shirt- a much more usable reminder of a beautiful trail run.

Lost Creek Lake Finish Line

If you are looking for a relaxed mid-spring trail race, this is a beautiful one. This one certainly made me realize that I need more trail running in my life!

Take care, and make your day great!

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Surviving a Taper. And a Monday.

Happy Marathon Monday folks! I’m in a taper week and Saturday will a beautiful 30k trail race around Lost Creek Lake in Southern Oregon. Taper week will be a great or as nerve racking as we make it. My incredibly wise advice to myself: trust in your preparation, eat clean, and do some Pilates and Yoga. Earth shattering, I know.

For your Monday enjoyment, here are some fun running quotes. The last one is a bit vulgar, but funny. And true.

“Jogging is very beneficial. It’s good for your legs and your feet. It’s also very good for the ground. It makes it feel needed.”
–Charles Schulz, “Peanuts”

“Remember, the second most important thing to choosing the right shoe, is choosing the left one.”
— High school coach to his runners

“The trouble with jogging is that the ice falls out of your glass.”
–Martin Mull

Runner's Quote

Make your Monday great my friends!


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Strawberry Peach Green Smoothie

There is an old adage that one good choice begets another. I often find that after a run or hard workout all I want is a really delicious smoothie-easy to digest and great fuel to replace what I have burned off. It is such a good feeling to give your body vitamins and nutrients that it desperately needs, and it doesn’t necessarily need to be done on workout days. The protein smoothie has been having a moment for several years now, though some are more healthy than others. Today’s recipe is non-dairy, and high in protein thanks to spinach, the amazing wonder green. Spinach is touted for its nutrients including Vitamins A, C, and K. It is also known for it’s provision of iron, calcium, and folate, which makes it a very handy vegetable to have when you are pregnant, or training, but lets be honest, we should take care of our bodies on a daily basis regardless of activity level.

The strawberry and peach in this recipe adds a little treat to the mix. I use frozen organic fruit for the added cold factor and because it is a great choice during off season months in order to get great flavor, though fresh fruits in season are always a good idea.

Strawberry Peach Green Smoothie blend


4 cups spinach

2 cups rice milk

1 cup strawberries

1 cup peaches

Directions: Blend until smooth. Easy.

Strawberry Peach Green Smoothie

Yield: 4 cups of smoothie, at 2 cup per servings this can be shared, or enjoyed in the morning and then later.

Nutritional information per serving:

Calories: 194

Protein: 8 grams

Saturated fat: 0 grams

Sugar: 24 grams

Enjoy and make your day great!


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Gluten Free Spicy Asian Turkey Lettuce Wraps

My mother in law left us with some live butter lettuce over the weekend, and it proved to be perfect for making lettuce wraps with. This truly decadent lettuce holds it’s form to make the perfect flexible wrap to hold safe veggies and meat. In this particular recipe I utilized meat, vegetables, and a block of tofu as well.

Live Butter Lettuce


1 Block Firm Tofu

4 oz. Ground turkey meat

2 green bell peppers-diced

2 green onions-diced

1 tsp. garlic salt

1/8 tsp. black pepper

1/4 cup Tamari Sauce-or other gluten free soy sauce

3 tbs. chili paste

1 bundle live butter lettuce-washed and pulled from base

1 tbs. coconut oil

Spicy Gluten Free Turkey Lettuce Wraps


In a large sauce pan warm coconut oil over medium heat. Place ground turkey into pan and brown, cooking thoroughly. Once turkey has been thoroughly cooked, add tofu and cook for 8 minutes until tofu has a slightly brown tint as well.

Then, add chopped green peppers and green onion. Sprinkle in garlic salt, black pepper. Then add Gluten free Tamari sauce and chili paste. Stir thoroughly and continue to cook until vegetables are softened.

Serve by placing scoopfuls into butter lettuce.

Spicy Gluten Free Turkey Lettuce Wraps 2

Serves 4-6. Enjoy!

Make your day great,


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